About us & Membership

About us
LPK Global Trade Co., Ltd., the global freight forwarder is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer- focused and reliable transportation and customs services. Our vision is to build a strong heritage of uprightness, constant care, and innovation. Our business started in 2008. By remaining committed to that vision we have expanded our business to one of the strongest freight forwarder in Thailand. Our LPK are willing to offer a variety of services which be able to serve your specific needs and individual requirements. Please be sure that our services are effective and efficient because our subjective is “Do whatever we can” in order to serve you a very best logistic management. We try to be as customize as we can, so we can help you minimize your cost and optimize your logistic management.

LPK Global Trade Co., Ltd. is certified as a member of the Association of Freight Marine (Thai International Freight Forwarders Association-TIFFA) who have initiated a Liability Insurance for the Bill of Lading of the Company as to enhance the responsibility and equivalent with other international shipping lines started from the year 1993 until today. Our Company's Liability Insurance has been procured with well-known international insurance companies and as in order to provide comprehensive protection against loss or damage which might be occurred, our customers can be assured that whenever they ship cargoes with us, they ship with confidence.